lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015


Islam has a long history in Latin America, the information offered by the communities speaks even of Pre-Columbian Muslims. More certainly, we have some cases in Colonial times and a first flowering with modern immigration from Muslim lands, roughly 1880- 1930. This Islam vanished. In our days, there is a new expansion, and a new visibility of Muslims, places of worship, and cultural manifestations. Besides, there is new interest in the subject, from the believers themselves, and from scholars. Data are nevertheless difficult to assemble, to ascertain and to combine. It is with the previous caveat that, in what follows, I attempt to offer a state of the matter, without promising too much, either: a bibliographic introduction, a summary of the uneven material I perused, the anecdotic information available orally or on web-pages, and a collation of newspaper cutouts, all of this along with some thoughts and comparisons of my own.

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